Highway District

Major Concern: putting our blacktop roads back in good condition, and keeping the gravel roads in the best possible condition.

Current Road Maintenance:The end of winter has finally come.  Now we are able to start on current road maintenance projects. Sealcoat projects are out for bid. 

Mowing ditches will start around June 1st. The Township mows the ditches at least twice a year. This helps to keep noxious weeds down and makes visibility at driveways and intersections safer for everyone.  We do appreciate residents that mow in front of their property.  The remainder of the ditch lines will be mowed twice a year.

Snow removal equipment made it through the winter in good shape. There is of course maintenance to be done on all vehicles to have them ready for next winter.

Remember to drive safe and watch for children riding bikes and pedestrians walking on the roadways.

As you are doing summer yard work please remember the following paragraph as you work, also that mailbox's must be on, no larger than 4x4 post's this is so that if there was to be an accident that the mailbox would break away. These are put into place for safety for everyone on the roadways year round.

Reminders: Please do not place any decorations (like large rocks or boulders), trees, or shrubs within 33 feet of the center of your roadway. They are considered an obstruction. This law is for the safety of all vehicles driving Illinois roadways. The district has the right to request and/or remove these obstructions at the homeowner's expense.

- Peter Fabrizius, Highway Commissioner













Working Together
We can Keep Virgil Township Roads Safe!




Highway Department: 49W181 Winters Road, Maple Park 60151

E-mail: virgilhwy@virgiltownship.net
Road Problems and Questions? Call the Township office at 815-827-3383 and leave a message for the Highway Commissioner.  He will contact you.



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