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I am Larry Peterson, your Virgil Township Highway Commissioner. As Highway Commissioner, I live in our Township and drive on the very roads we maintain. The Township Highway District is responsible for 31 miles of dedicated road. The Highway District performs all road maintenance and improvements, including snow removal, resurfacing, repair, and signage. We are proud to be part of our community's safety and infrastructure.

Major Concern: putting our blacktop roads back in good condition, and keeping the gravel roads in the best possible condition.

Current Road Maintenance; The snow plows are standing by for the snow to fly. Summer projects for 2012 Phase III of Winters Road is complete.  Patching black top roads finished (until that nasty one creeps up on us).  Please do not push snow from your drive onto the roadway. This makes for a very unsafe travel for your neighbors.  Our trucks are not on the road 24/7, it takes several hours for trucks to catch up with the extra snow piles placed by you.

The never ending job of cleaning up ditches is ongoing as weather permits.  We had two calls this fall regarding keeping the ditches mowed and in safe condition.  The township is required by law to mow the ditches at least twice a year. This keeps the noxious weeds down and makes entering and exiting driveways and right of ways safe for all drivers.  Sometimes we forget that the right of way in front of our property does not belong just to us. It is the township’s responsibility to keep this area safe and clean for all who drive our roads. Your help and understanding is very much needed in this process. Our thanks to the many of you who keep their entrances mowed and kept so very nice. Virgil Township is a great place to live thanks to you.

Projects for next summer are being prepared and let for bid. Summer Project for 2014 is adding a layer of paving a mile of Winters Road West of Meredith Road. Depending on the cost of bids, Ramm Woods Drive, and Landrose Lane are next in line for attention.

Do you have a concern that needs addressing? Just give the highway department a call - We greatly appreciate your input.

It goes without saying; Drive Safe this Winter. Check your vehicles have them serviced in preparation for the unforeseen. Drive Safe – Keep a safe distance behind the snowplow.  Give the drivers room to do their job. Let’s keep everybody moving safely.

Reminders: Please do not place any decorations (like large rocks or boulders), trees, or shrubs within 33 feet of the center of your roadway. They are considered an obstruction. This law is for the safety of all vehicles driving Illinois roadways. The district has the right to request and/or remove these obstructions at the homeowner's expense.

- Larry Peterson, Highway Commissioner













Working Together
We can Keep Virgil Township Roads Safe!




Highway Department: 49W181 Winters Road, Maple Park 60151

E-mail: virgilhwy@virgiltownship.net
Road Problems and Questions? Call the Township office at 815-827-3383 and leave a message for the Highway Commissioner.  He will contact you.



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