Township Supervisor

Here you will find information on services we provide for the citizens of Virgil Township.   I strongly encourage you to come to our meetings or give me a call at 815-827-3383 with any questions or concerns you may have.  The Township continues to strive to meet the needs of the future and provide the best possible services for you. 

Bridget Ruf, Township Supervisor


Virgil Township motto:
Work Hard, Save Hard, Make Every Penny Count! Give the taxpayer a real bang for their buck. 

General Assistance Office;
Those in need of may call the Supervisor for an appointment.  Applications are available at the Township office at 49W181 Winters Street in Maple Park. (Please call 815-827-3383 to make an appointment).

708 Inc. Board: Members from Virgil Township are; Rita Campbell, Jean Fabrizius, Mary Larsen, Peg Yagen,Georgianna Zakosek, Ted Janecek, and Michael Yagen. Learn more at

Drainage Districts;
Virgil # 1          President Jason White
                        Trustees; David Stewart, Lana Haske
                        (Meetings in the Township Office)                       

Virgil # 3          Pres. Wayne Butts
                       Trustees: Stan Schumaucher, Kurt Kleckner
                       (Meetings locations TBA)

Union Drainage Ditch # 3   Pres. Doug Kiefer
                          Trustees; Dan Hartmann, Steve Ruh
                          (Meetings in the Township Office)

**Note** We are here to help you. Again, please do not hesitate to call the office with your questions and concerns. Be sure to drop by and attend any and all of our meetings. We welcome your input .

- Bridget Ruf,
Supervisor for Virgil Township

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